Trending: Keeping an eye on the finger

Updated: 2015-01-10 13:27


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Beggar mocks security guard's salary, girl spins alcohol story, students roll eyes at finger, light goes out of festival, man makes wrong call

Trending: Keeping an eye on the finger

Beggar asks for money from a man getting out of a taxi. [Photo/Wuhan Evening News]

Beggar calls guard loser for earning less than him

We may have a hard time imagining a beggar, who is clearly jobless, despising a person who has a job.

A beggar earns more than a hotel security in Hankou, reported Wuhan Evening News on Friday.

The man begs around a railway station and asks money from passengers who get off the taxi after he opens the door for them. The security guard earns a monthly salary of about 2,000 yuan ($322.32). When he asked the beggar, he responded: "I can easily make more than 3,000, you loser!"

Did the girl really drink 3kg of alcohol? Find out in our next story.

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