3 injured in Shanghai stampede still in hospital

Updated: 2015-01-21 15:15


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SHANGHAI - More than 20 days after Shanghai's New Year's Eve stampede that left 36 people dead, 46 of the 49 injured have been discharged from hospital, according to a press conference by Shanghai municipal authorities on Wednesday.

One of the three remaining hospitalized, an 18-year-old female university student, is in the most critical condition and is still under intensive medical care, according to sources with the Shanghai No1 People's Hospital.

The other two, a woman and a man are in recovery.

At the press conference, Zhou Bo, vice mayor of Shanghai, expressed deep condolences for those affected by the incident and apologized to stampede victims and their families on behalf of the municipal Communist Party of China committee and government.

He also announced the decision to punish 11 officials, with four removed from their posts and 7 receiving disciplinary punishments, after a discipline investigation held them responsible for inadequate prevention for the mass activity and poor on-site management as well as violating anti-corruption and frugality rules for taking an opulent banquet.