Seminars help teachers of migrant workers' children

Updated: 2015-05-11 12:17

By Luo Wangshu(

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About 200 teachers from private schools catering to migrant workers' children gathered at Beijing Normal University on Saturday for free education seminars in various subjects.

The gathering, held by the New Citizen Program, provided forums in areas such as art education to expand teachers' horizons and improve children's education.

There was also a "New Citizen Teachers Award" ceremony to honor 40 teachers from migrant children's schools. The program selected the award winners from 269 applicants.

Due to limited educational resources and restrictions from the household registration system, many migrant workers' children might not able to enroll in public schools and have to turn to private ones.

Many private schools receiving migrant workers' children might also suffer from inadequate facilities and a shortage of teachers.

Zhao Xibin, a faculty member in education psychology from Beijing Normal University, was one of the lecturers at the gathering who spoke at a packed session.

The gathering also provided health examinations and other educational services for teachers.