Modeled on the United States Capitol

Updated: 2015-05-31 13:51


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Modeled on the United States Capitol

Wang Jiajin proposed to his girlfriend at an airport in Taiwan. [Photo/]

Proposal with cauliflower

Taiwan's TV romance show, In Time With You made it trendy and romantic for people to propose at the airport. Now we have another example of an unusual way to propose – with a —cauliflower bouquet, The Central News Agency reported on Thursday.

A man named Wang Jiajin held a cauliflower bouquet when he proposed to his girlfriend, Guo Youzhen. Their families and the couple's dog joined them at the arrival area of an airport in Taiwan.

He also sang the TV show's theme song to his girlfriend, although he was out of the tune. His girlfriend was deeply touched by the gesture and accepted his proposal.

Wang said he preferred cauliflower instead of the usual roses is he believes it would be more creative and the cauliflower could be eaten later.

Modeled on the United States Capitol

The cauliflower was the centerpiece of a bouquet. [Photo/]

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