Online gun sales ring busted in N China

Updated: 2015-09-05 15:11


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SHIJIAZHUANG - Police in Hebei province, north China, have arrested five people for their suspected implication in an online arms sales network, Xingtai Public Security Bureau announced on Saturday.

In July, Liang and Ji, who are from Ningjin County in Xingtai City and have been identified by their surnames only, caught the attention of the police for allegedly trading firearms online, the police said.

It is alleged that since July 2014 the suspects have been illegally manufacturing gun and gun components, such as bolts, triggers and barrels, with the intent to sell them online.

Liang is suspected of more than 2,000 online transactions, netting himself more than 1.4 million yuan ($220,360 dollars) via Alipay, the online payment provider.

The distribution network could have spread to as many 30 provinces and cities in China including Beijing and Shanghai, with evidence indicating that some items were sent from Taiwan and the US.

More than 500 people are involved in the case, police said.