Air purifier sales soar as smog settles in

Updated: 2015-12-09 18:53

By Wang Yanfei(

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Growing concerns about the health risks of China's smog have led to a jump in the winter sales of air purifiers.

Sales of air purifiers in December quintupled over the last quarter, said Li Zhuoqi, who directs the marketing department at Xiaomi Corp, one of companies that is riding the boom.

Consumer interest became more obvious starting in 2013, "when the public started to realize that poor air quality will pose a real harm to health," Li said.

"Even though the air quality seems improved compared to that in 2013, people are more concerned and are more willing to spend money to buy purifiers than before," Li said.

Xiaomi Corp, better known as a smartphone maker, recognized the opportunities brought by worsening air quality and launched the second generation of its air purifier last December. It is cheaper and smaller in size, with the same purifying capability.

"We felt that there will be an increasing demand for the product for at least the next a few years," Li said.

Increasing demand has attracted more manufacturers into the market, and has lead to fierce competition "in a booming market with little regulations," said Li Mu, co-founder of, a Beijing-based Swiss air purifier company.

A report released by China Market Monitor noted an 18 percent decline in sales of air purifiers in the first half of the year, but Li said the figures don't mean there will be a further decrease in the future.

"Some with relatively poor purifying qualities or those that can hardly meet consumers demand left the market before winter came," Li said. "Winter is the peak season for all producers, including us. How about after the peak season? Everyone in the market will improve the products and it is good for the market in the long term."