False bomb alert prompts security measures at Mexico City airport

Updated: 2015-12-09 09:06


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False bomb alert prompts security measures at Mexico City airport

Elements of the Secretariat of the Navy arrive to the security zone of the Terminal 1 of the Mexico City's International Airport , in Mexico City, capital of Mexico, on Dec 8, 2015. [Photo/Xinhua]

MEXICO CITY - A false bomb alert on Tuesday prompted immediate security measures at the Mexico City's airport, after a passenger suffering from depression tried to get off a plane that was set to take off for Cancun.

The Mexican airline, Volaris, confirmed in a press release that a passenger on board its flight 714 from Mexico City to Cancun made a bomb threat.

All 179 passengers had been evacuated from the plane, which was later fully inspected.

According to police source and witness testimonies gathered by Xinhua, the passenger "pulled the handle to activate the emergency slide and shouted that there was a bomb on board."

After the evacuation was complete, the plane was moved to a remote part of the airport, far from any terminal building, and went through thorough inspection.

The Mexico City International Airport also released a statement, saying that "no explosive device was found."

No other flights were affected.

While the passenger's identity has not been released, he is being held for questioning by security forces who said the person is ill and suffering from depression.