China defends Africa policy against western defamation

Updated: 2015-12-10 22:09


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BEIJING - China on Thursday refuted western media's theory that Africa has benefited little from China's aid, saying China's assistance to Africa never has any political strings attached and was warmly welcomed.

"China's aid to Africa sticks to a principle of non-interference in countries' internal affairs, no political strings attached, and never offering blank promises," said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying.

She was responding to a question saying China's limited aid to Africa offers no help in improving democracy or human rights.

Hua urged the international community to view China-Africa cooperation and China's aid to Africa in an objective, just and rational manner.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has announced major plans to speed up Africa's industrialization and agricultural modernization.

According to Hua, China has helped Africa build 5,675 kilometers of railway, 4,507 kilometers of highway, 18 bridges, 12 ports, 14 airports and terminals, 64 power stations, 76 sports facilities, 68 hospitals, over 200 schools and 23 agricultural demonstration centers.

China has offered 55,000 government scholarships to Africa since 2000, she added.