Chinese herbal teas prolong the life of rats in new study

Updated: 2016-01-06 19:59

By Qiu Quanlin in Guangzhou(

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Drinking Chinese herbal tea for the long term can help prolong the life of animals and improve their physical health, according to a new study.

The study, which was released by Chinese pharmaceutical company Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holdings Co Ltd on Wednesday, was part of the National 863 Program, or national sci-tech development plan.

According to the study, a group of rats that have used herbal tea for two consecutive years can live 708.2 days, 33.1 days longer that those which did not drink herbal tea.

Also, the animals' livers and kidneys, respiration, digestion and urinary systems improved after drinking herbal tea, according to the study, which was conducted by the Guangdong disease prevention and control authority in the last three years.

"The study will help promote the use of traditional herbal tea, which is already listed as one of the intangible cultural heritages," said Zheng Rongbo, director of the Guangzhou Wanglaojie Greater Health Research Institute.

The institute was also established on Wednesday, aiming to protect traditional Chinese herbal tea culture.