Ten most heartwarming stories about Spring Festival Rush

Updated: 2016-02-03 17:11



Ten most heartwarming stories about Spring Festival Rush

Yang Li travels with her son alone. [Photo/IC]


'Kangaroo mother' brings son home

Yang Li, a native of Xinglian village, Huishui county, Guizhou province, brought her son, nicknamed Xuanxuan, home all by herself from her workplace in Zhongshan, Guangdong province, during the Spring Festival rush, because her husband was not able to buy a ticket.

After the birth of Xuanxuan, Yang did not want to leave her son home to become a left-behind child. So, for the past four years she has been taking him wherever she goes. Media call women like her as "kangaroo mother".

They set out at 8pm on Jan 25 from Zhongshan to Guangzhou railway station by light rail. Spending a night at a hotel near the railway station, they took a high-speed train next day and arrived at Guiyang station five hours later. Then they take another two trains before reaching home on Jan 26.

Though they had to change four trains during the journey, Yang and her husband said the traffic was much better than before. In the past when there was no high-speed train, they once spent a whole night at a railway station to buy tickets but were unable to buy them.