Ten most heartwarming stories about Spring Festival Rush

Updated: 2016-02-03 17:11


Ten most heartwarming stories about Spring Festival Rush

Ticket-buying 'expert' Pei Jiyang. [Photo/CFP]


Looking for tips to buy train ticket? Here's your guy

Spring Festival sees massive migration every year in China, with billions of people going home for family reunion. As the most convenient and safest mode of travel, trains are the first choice for many, but to get a ticket is no easy job. Luckily, a young traveler stood out and helped many get their ticket home.

Pei Jiyang, 26-year-old, is a big “railway fan” and a traveler, he bought 259 train tickets in college and traveled to some of the most remote provinces of China, including Hainan island and Xinjing Uygur autonomous region. His rich experience by train made him an “expert” on buying train ticket.

Since his years in college, Pei started using his rich experience to help his schoolmates buy train tickets. During the three years from 2009 to 2012, he bought a total of more than 200,000 tickets for others.

After graduation, Pei continued to share his ticket-buying experience online. This year is the seventh year that Pei helped people buy tickets during Spring Festival travel rush. According to Pei's strategies, one should avoid fierce competition for ticket on busy routes by boarding on train at transit stations which have fewer passengers instead of starting station; or cut an entire journey into different sections, and buy separate tickets which are less sought-after.