These university canteen dishes will blow your mind

Updated: 2016-03-17 12:12



These university canteen dishes will blow your mind

Orange fried with cheery tomatoes and fried dough (left) and corns fried with grapes (right). [Photo/VCG]

Chinese are great at stir frying various dishes, including vegetables and rice. But when fruits become the heroes of the dishes, even an experienced gourmet chef can find it difficult to fire up the pot.

Undeterred by the challenges, Zhejiang Agriculture and Forrest University is really giving it a shot.

Since the second half last year, the university has promoted many unconventional dishes that are rarely seen in daily life, including chicken feet with lemon, fried meat slices with pineapple, sweet sour ribs with pineapple and strawberry, fried bananas, celery fried with strawberry and dragon fruit and egg soup.

Lu Yingjun, head of the university canteen, said all the dishes are based on local menus, a practice that is seldom seen in universities.

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