Tough strut from world's factory to fashion empire

Updated: 2016-03-25 13:56


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Sailing up value chain

At Luojiaji, Wan Suli is another veteran entrepreneur who is determined to establish a valued brand.

With 20 years sewing Starbucks logos and NBA sports shirts, Wan established her own brand Fengyitianxia (meaning The Majestic Phoenix) to sell traditional Qipao dresses for ladies. In the last three years, she spent 40 million yuan marketing the brand.

"They all say I'm crazy, spending money like that. My annual sales are only 60 million yuan," Wan said. "But I believe in the multiplying power of brand".

Her designer lady gowns cost 4,000 yuan (about $615) a piece and a hand-embroidered customized design can fetch 100,000 yuan (about $15,290).

Last year, selling designer gowns contributed to 20 percent of her sales. However, Wan's branding efforts have been challenged by the current economic difficulties such as cash shortage.

"The materials vendor said I had to pay cash, and I don't have that much cash, because we usually collect the payment several months after the delivery," said Wan. She had to turn down 90 percent of the gown orders in the last few months.

"The minimal period for a brand to establish itself is five years. I believe I will survive," she looked optimistic.