Tough strut from world's factory to fashion empire

Updated: 2016-03-25 13:56


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Innovation & marketing

Local government has also felt the pain of the companies and forked out fund to aid the development of the garment industry.

A fabric market costing 1.2 billion yuan (about $180 million) is under construction in Nanchang. It will begin operation from October this year, said Qin Runming, director of the Changdong Industrial Park at Luojiaji.

"The park will help local factories cut costs, as they will not have to travel to the eastern coast to find fabric and materials," said Qin.

The Jiangxi government will also build a 30-hectare area to boost innovative design and market for the garment factory.

With a 1.5 billion-yuan price tag, the park will be completed by 2018. "It will attract design firms, labs and fashion talent," said Qin. Fashion shows and exhibitions will be organized to market these designs, and e-commerce companies will be invited to help the company sell their clothes.

"Branding and marketing will make us strong ,but it will be a hard journey, and we need face it head on and move fast," he said.

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