Shanghai police release list of 36 drivers banned for Life

Updated: 2016-04-06 13:18


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Shanghai police on Tuesday released a list of 36 citizens who have been banned from driving for life.

This is the first time the local police have publicly shamed the drivers by publishing a list of those who have had their licenses revoked amid a crackdown on unruly driving.

Details such as names and driving license numbers were made public, after the police consulted with Shanghai's local courts.

The Police however, did not elaborate on the cases related to these drivers, but said only that some involved fatalities.

It's understood the traffic violations also included drunk-driving and hit-and-run cases.

Of the 36 drivers who were handed lifetime bans, 21 had been issued their driving licenses in Shanghai.

The Police say that even if the banned drivers manage to get a driving license abroad, they would still not be allowed to drive in China again.