China's latest political cartoon covers official selection

Updated: 2016-05-10 20:19


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BEIJING - The Communist Party of China (CPC) has released a cartoon strip depicting its selection process of leading officials, in the state's latest attempt to communicate political messages through popular culture.

Following a question-and-answer format, the cartoon on the website of the CPC Central Committee's International Liaison Department elaborates on issues like the qualifications officials must have to be promoted and the accountability mechanism in official selection.

In a serious case of mixed metaphors, the caption below the picture of an official walking on a wire says that being evaluated is like treading on thin ice.

While official statements used to come in the form of staid announcements, state organs and media have been turning to rap music and cartoons lately to get their messages across.

In February, Xinhua News Agency released a pop song and accompanying animated music video promoting President Xi Jinping's "Four Comprehensives" strategy for development. National broadcaster China Central Television also came out with a video about the country's reforms.

The mysterious Fuxing Road Studio, reckoned to have connections with the government, is behind music videos including "The Shisanwu," a gleeful sing-along about China's 13th Five-year Plan and "How leaders were tempered."