Albania hopes to be EU member soon

Updated: 2016-05-10 11:26


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TIRANA - Albania on Monday organized an activity called "EU-Transit" to celebrate Europe Day, an annual celebration of peace and unity in Europe, voicing the hope to be an EU member as soon as possible.

"Albania has no time to lose. If we delay the reforms, we increase the cost of our countries and families. I call on the Albanian politicians to vote for the judicial reform. Albania deserves a speedy finalization of its journey to EU. Today we are in EU-Transit, tomorrow we must be in the EU," Albanian Minister of European Integration Klajda Gjosha said.

To celebrate Europe Day, the Albanian Parliament opened its doors to the public on Monday. Visitors were mainly pupils from 9-year schools and students from high schools of Tirana and other cities.

Europe Day is one of a number of European symbols designed to foster unity among Europeans. May 5 is designated to celebrate the establishment of the Council of Europe, and May 9 for the European Union, which is the EU's flag day and has a greater visibility.