China needs to push collaborative innovation

Updated: 2016-06-17 17:00

By Wang Yiqing(

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China should increase its input in research and development and foster a collaborative innovation system to achieve sustainable growth, according to Du Qinglin, vice-chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

At a China Economic and Social Council meeting on Friday, Du said innovation-driven development was key to China's sustainable economic and social development.

Studies show that in developed countries with a technological edge, investment on research and development generally accounts for more than two per cent of their GDP, while science and technology contribute to more than 70 per cent of economic growth. They are also much less dependent on foreign technologies in achieving economic growth.

But in China, investment on research and development has reached just two per cent of GDP, while science and technology contribute to less than 40 per cent of economic growth, he said, adding that China was also more dependent on foreign technologies for economic development.

He says China should take various measures to make up for its deficiency in original innovation and fundamental research to enhance China's independent innovation capacity.

And the key to achieving that goal is to establish a market-oriented innovation mechanism that centered on enterprises, he said.

Du cited the leading Chinese telecommunications company Huawei as an example The company invests more than 10 per cent of its sales revenue into research and development every year, which has accumulated to 190 billion yuan over the past decade. Based on the strong technological innovation capacity, Huawei has sold products to more than 170 countries. And the company's products have successfully undergone a transition from being "made in China" to "innovated in China", meaning Huawei has had a competitive technological edge when competing with rivals.

Du also spoke of the significance of promoting collaborative innovation.

In some developed countries with strong innovation capacities, multiple players, such as enterprises, higher learning institutions, government agencies and non-governmental organizations, have joined hands to participate in the research and development drive. China should learn from their experiences and establish an collaborative and interactive innovation system that enables efficient collaboration among various players, Du said.