Highlights of revisions

Updated: 2016-06-28 07:37

(China Daily)

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Red Cross transparency

China is considering setting up an information disclosure system allowing third-party auditors to supervise the use of donations to Red Cross societies nationwide, according to a bill unveiled in the top legislature on Monday.

The bill to revise the Law on the Red Cross Society was brought up for a first reading.

Red Cross societies should regularly publicize information about donations they receive and how they are spent, according to the draft.

Independent third-party agencies should be hired to audit the sources and use of donated money and materials, and the results should be reported to the board of directors of Red Cross societies, according to the bill.

Animal protection

A revised draft of the Wild Animal Protection Law, submitted for a third reading on Monday, regulates the release of captive animals to the wild.

Any organization or individual releasing captive animals should choose indigenous species that are fit to survive in the wild, and the release should have no impact on people and not harm the ecosystem, according to the draft.

Anyone who frees captive animals in a reckless manner leading to property damage or physical injury to others, or which jeopardizes the ecosystem, will be held accountable.

Asset appraisal

More people will be allowed to provide asset appraisal services, under a draft law submitted to the top legislature for a fourth reading on Monday.

The draft allows certified appraisers who have passed national exams, as well as others who have expertise and hands-on experience in asset evaluation, to provide such services.

 Highlights of revisions

 Turtles that were released are seen at a pool at Zhanshan Temple in Qingdao, Shandong province.

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