Chinese premier stresses importance to promote strong, sustainable, balanced economic

Updated: 2016-07-24 07:39


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Chinese premier stresses importance to promote strong, sustainable, balanced economic

Premier Li Keqiang attends a roundtable dialogue with the heads of six major international organizations in Beijing on Friday. [Wu Zhiyi/China Daily]

Premier Li stressed that despite some ups and downs, the performance of the Chinese economy remains stable and continues to move in a positive direction. China is expanding aggregate demand as appropriate and focusing on supply-side structural reform to generate new drivers of growth, transform traditional drivers and shift the economic structure.

That said, we are also aware of the grim and complex economic situation in the world as well as considerable downward pressure and multiple challenges facing the Chinese economy. We will continue to overcome difficulties, deepen reform in all respects, and further streamline administrative procedures to unleash public creativity and market vitality.

We will reinforce new growth drivers and transform and upgrade traditional drivers through the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy and the initiative to encourage mass entrepreneurship and innovation, all for the purpose of ensuring steady economic performance and improving economic structure. The Chinese economy is a "stability anchor" for the world economy. Running our own affairs well is in itself a contribution to world development.

The leaders of the international economic and financial institutions said that the meeting was held in a most opportune time. It allowed participants to engage in extensive and in-depth communication on how to tackle global challenges and promote world economic recovery, and produced a lot of consensus. It also demonstrated China's positive attitude toward enhanced communication with the international community and its commitment to international cooperation.

China is an important partner in the world trade system, a champion of globalization and multilateralism. China has played an important leadership role as the G20 President this year. The IMF, while lowering its global growth forecast, has revised up its forecast for China. This is a show of confidence in the Chinese government's commitment to reform and opening up, as well as recognition of the sustainable growth policies introduced by China and the positive effects of their implementation.

The participants expressed their readiness to work with China to boost global trade, advance the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and foster open and resilient international financial and trade systems, with a view to better delivering the benefits of development to all mankind.

A joint press release was issued after the roundtable meeting.


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