Chinese university maps out brain functional network

Updated: 2016-07-27 15:10

(People's Daily Online)

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Chinese university maps out brain functional network

The Institute of Science and Technology for Brain-Inspired Intelligence at Fudan University released the results of its most recent research project on July 25. The project earns Fudan the distinction of becoming the first university to map out the brain functional network, Xinmin Evening News reported.

Feng Jianfeng, president of the institute, explained that the research was originally intended to study the dynamic variation of the brain in mental diseases such as dissociation and depression. However, the research unexpectedly made a breakthrough on the analysis of human intelligence.

According to the research, the areas of the brain responsible for studying and memory are highly changeable. Meanwhile, the areas weakly correlated with intelligence include the visual, auditory and sensorimotor areas, which all have low changeability and adaptability. The research shows that high changeability leads to high intelligence and creativity.

These findings are poised to have a revolutionary impact on the development of artificial intelligence. Currently, artificial intelligence devices are neither changeable nor adaptable. Now, the institute's brain functional network graph can be used to build advanced artificial neural networks, which would enable computers to study, grow and adapt. The discovery will also help in the treatment and prevention of mental illnesses.