China to conduct geological disaster surveys in Xinjiang

Updated: 2016-07-31 21:19


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URUMQI - China will spend 36 million yuan (5.4 million US dollars) on geological disaster surveys in the northwestern Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, authorities said Sunday.

Starting in July, the fund will be allocated over three years to launch systematic surveys in two counties in the northern part of Kunlun Mountain, which is susceptible to frequent earthquakes, according to a seminar held in the region.

The surveys will focus on disaster causes, risk levels and monitoring to help locals improve their ability of pre-warning and damage prevention.

Satellites and drones will be used to collect data and monitor disasters in the area, while locals will attend training sessions on prevention, said Yin Yueping, an official with the China Institute of Geo-Environment Monitoring.

Xinjiang has complex weather and natural conditions, with about 1.06 million square km, or 63.7 percent of the region's area, prone to geological disasters, according to Ren Hui, an official with the regional department of land and resources.

Earlier this month, a massive landslide killed 35 in a village and forced the relocation of 198 villagers.