Tibet envisioned as hub of Himalayas

Updated: 2016-08-05 08:01

By China Daily(China Daily)

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Center looks at politics, history and culture of region

The China Tibetology Research Center in Beijing has focused on studies of the politics, economy, history, culture, religion and language of the Tibet autonomous region and neighboring areas since its establishment in May 1986.

The center's collection of more than 100,000 books, magazines and video and audio materials, in both the Mandarin and Tibetan languages, serves as a major database for Tibetology studies. It also has prioritized the protection and rescue of ancient Tibetology works, applying for a number of key national projects to protect the traditional Tibetan culture.

In 2011, the center completed the compiling of the Tibetan manuscripts in the Tripitaka Sinica, known as the Chinese Buddhist canon.

The center also published A Complete History of Tibet, the country's first comprehensive look at the history and culture of Tibet, in November.

Additionally, the center has established multiple platforms for promoting exchanges on Tibetology studies.

The Tibetan Culture Museum, also in Beijing, has served as a window to Tibet's unique cultural traditions as well as cultural relics in the capital.

The center has developed Qomolangma fonts, which are the international standard computer fonts for the Tibetan language.

 Tibet envisioned as hub of Himalayas

A Tibetan Opera actress helps a cast member apply makeup before a Tibetan Opera competition in Lhasa, capital of the Tibetan autonomous region, on Tuesday. Zhang Rufeng / Xinhua

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