Technology to be developed under State strategy

Updated: 2016-10-28 08:49

(China Daily)

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Carrier rockets:

Develop a new generation of nontoxic, pollution-free Long March rockets

Complete the maiden flight of the Long March 5 rocket

Develop a new generation medium-size launch vehicle by 2020

Finish ground tests for the heavy-lift launch vehicle by 2025

Space infrastructure for civil use:

Build an open, safe and stable system of infrastructure consisting of a satellite remote sensing system and satellite communications system

Space-based broadband internet:

Build a space-based backbone network, space-based broadband access network and ground grid, and application terminals that can be connected to existing broadband systems to form an integrated space-Earth information network

Manned spaceflight and lunar exploration:

Complete construction of the space station by 2020

Complete a sample-return mission on the moon by 2020

Explore reusable rockets and a low-cost manned space transportation system

Promote the commercialization of the exploitation and utilization of space resources

In-orbit maintenance services:

Establish an in-orbit maintenance service system with in-orbit rescue capability, fault repair capacity and in-orbit processing and assembling capacity

Deep-space exploration:

Establish a system of engineering techniques for deep-space exploration

Implement exploration of Mars, Jupiter and asteroids

Landing on Mars by 2021