Babies rise from the soil: surprise and creation

Updated: 2016-04-07 13:55


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Babies rise from the soil: surprise and creation

A photo showing the head of a baby is indeed an art work. [Photo/Wuhan Evening News]

Art works that look like babies growing from a flower bed have scared some students but won a teacher's appreciation, Wuhan Evening News reported.

Timid female students at the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts have been warned to avoid a teaching building for babies breaking above the soil there.

Pictures showed nine babies, the first only revealing a head while the following images show successive emerging postures at the school located in Wuhan city, capital of Central China's Hubei province.

Most students interviewed tolerate the dolls placed at the top institution of higher learning in fine arts. Some however think the works horrifying, especially at nights.

The dolls are the Public Art course assignment of a senior student surnamed Zhang, who majored in sculpture at the institute.

She said she wants to inspire first-year students, who are mainly studying in the building, to be as hopeful as babies in pursuing their artistic dreams.

A teacher has commended the student's doll work for attracting a lot of attentions and realizing the expected aim of public art.