Kung Fu panda 2 reveals the secrets of Po’s mysterious origins

Updated: 2011-04-18 16:45


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Hollywood sets out on a new adventure in the hometown of the Giant Panda.

DreamWorks Animation Studio officially announced today from Los Angeles that Kung Fu Panda 2 will be released internationally on May 26th. DreamWorks CEO Jeffery Katzenberg announced that the sequel to the 2008’s Kung Fu Panda will follow the kung fu-fighting Po to his homeland in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, as he uncovers his kung fu heritage and origins in western China.

During production, DreamWorks executives and the creative team behind Kung Fu Panda 2 travelled to Chengdu, the hometown of the giant panda, to acquaint themselves with the city so that local elements and places of significance, such as ‘dandan noodles’ and Mt. Qingcheng, the cradle of Taosim, would be portrayed accurately in the film. The plot of the film is sprinkled with local delicacies, natural scenery and places of cultural and historical interest. The Wide and Narrow Lanes, Jinli, Qingyang Taoist Temple, hotpot, mapo tofu, and Mt. Qingcheng, are all Chengdu cultural icons featured in the film. Situated in China’s southwest for over 2600 years, Chengdu has been honored with titles such as “Classic Chinese City” and “Hometown of the Giant Panda”, for its authentic Chinese flavor and Giant Panda habitat.

The DreamWorks team also paid a visit to the Jinsha Cultural Relics Site and the Chengdu Panda Base, where they met with the real-life Po, a panda born at the base in July 2008. Besides the Panda Breeding Base, the creative team also visited the World Cultural Heritage sites at Mt. Qingcheng, and the Dujiangyan Irrigation System to better understand the mysterious “Qingcheng Kung Fu Sect”. Mr. Katzenberg has revealed that the mystery of Po’s origin is hidden in Mt. Qingcheng.

The subtle incorporation of Chinese culture has become a stepping stone for Hollywood to enter the Chinese market. The Chinese elements in Kung Fu Panda were well-received by Chinese audiences, and the film broke the Chinese box office record for highest-grossing animated feature previously held by The Lion King. Chengdu is proud DreamWorks has chosen the city as the setting for Kung Fu Panda.


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