Man sues actress for staring at him

Updated: 2015-06-06 12:18


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Man sues actress for staring at him

Hotel staff changes the layout of the hotel room. [Photo/

Fengshui room booked for gaokao candidate

Parents would usually do anything for the good of their children.

A woman booked a fengshui room at a Chinese online travel agency Qunar, hoping it would bring good luck for her child, who will take the College Entrance Examination, gaokao, Northeast China's news portal reported.

The mother, with hotel's consent, asked the staff to change the room pattern according to fengshui, the geomantic conditions that the Chinese believe affect fate and fortune.

In the fengshui room, a portrait of Chinese philosopher Confucius is hung on the wall and an incense burner and a pagoda modal are placed on the desk.

Qunar and the hotel gave the green light to the mother as long as she would not light the incense.

Millions of Chinese high school students will take the gaokao on June 7 and 8.

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