The ploy that the West uses

Updated: 2011-05-31 07:27

(China Daily)

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Comment on "Truth nails the Dalai Lama myth" (China Daily, May 23)

Some Western countries have been trying to contain China for decades.

Western forces have been complicit in painting Tibet as a "Shangri-La" and in depicting Tibetans as oppressed people.

This is all part of their ultimate goal to have China suffer the same fate as the former USSR, because a divided China will no longer be viewed as a significant threat to them.

Yes, more Westerners need to visit Tibet. In fact, they need to set aside their pre-conceived notions and visit the whole of China, albeit with an open mind. Then and only then will they be able to appreciate the true China and Chinese culture.

Old Codger, on China Daily website

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(China Daily 05/31/2011 page9)


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