Top10 Chinese food restaurants in Shanghai

Updated: 2011-03-07 14:06


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1 Dynasty

Dynasty is known as one of Shanghai's top Cantonese restaurants with centuries-old history. It boasts the some high level chefs who often serve the visiting heads of stated at special banquets. For their expertise, you can enjoy delicate and a little insipidity cate. Perenial favorite include You Bao Xia (shrimp boiled in hot oil), Xia Jiao (shrimp dumpling), Suanni Bairou (garlic plain boiled pork) and so on. Meanwhile, the regular Koto play here also adds some feeling to the elegant atmosphere.

Top10 Chinese food restaurants in Shanghai 

Cuisine: Cantonese, Dim Sum Hours: 11:00-14:30; 18:00-22:30 Location: Hongqiao Development Zone Address: 3/F, Renaissance Yangtze Shanghai Hotel, No. 2099, West Yan'an Rd., Changning District Phone: 021-62750000 ext. 2230 Reservations: Required Credit Cards: AMEX, Dinners Club, Master, Visa

2 Lao Tan

If you would like try some Guizhou cuisine at Shanghai, then Lao Tan is your best choice. Located at the Xingfu Road, Lao Tan has the barn-like dinning room where the modern are and broken pottery decorate the walls of eatery. Highly recommended are mouthwatering chicken and sour fish soup, especially their spicy and pepper even can rival the spiciest Sichuan cuisine.

Cuisine: Guizhou Hours: 11:30-22:30 Location: Hongqiao Development Zone Address: 2/F, (1 block east of Fanyu Rd.), No. 42, Xingfu Rd., Changning District Phone: 021-62837843 Reservations: Highly Recommended Credit Cards: Not Accepted

3 Da Jia Cun Restaurant

This elegant and award-winning restaurant in Shanghai, People on the Water, boasts of fresh seafood from Ningbo, possessing of has blue hues, flowing water, glass bridge and tanks of fresh fish. Here the menu favorite include deep fried crab with sinfully thick roe, steamed snow cabbage with yellow fish, clams on sizzling plate and shrimp with crispy seaweed. Table service is stylish and impeccable. And it is required to reserve ahead of time.

Cuisine: Ningbo, Seafood Hours: 11:00-14:30;17:30-22:30 Address: Lower Lobby (basement of the Hilton Hotel), No.250, Huashan Rd.,Jing'an District Phone: 021-62487777 ext. 1830 Transportation: Metro: Jing’an Temple Credit Cards: AMEX, Dinners Club, Master, Visa

4 Xin Wang

Xin Wang, a popular small cafe chain eatery in Shanghai, serves up a hodge-podge of Chinese comfort foods catering to all crowds. Here the food is flavorful without being overwhelming, like Yangzhou chaofan (fried rice), Xianxia yuntun mian (shrimp wonton noodles in soup) and so on.

Top10 Chinese food restaurants in Shanghai 

Xin Wang Cuisine: Cantonese Hours: 07:00-05:00 Location: French Concession Address: No. 175, Changle Rd., Between Maoming Nan Rd. and Ruijin Yi Rd., Luwan District Phone: 021-64155056 Transportation: Metro: South Shanxi Rd.

Xin Wang - Changning Branch Address: No. 649 Xianxia Rd., Changning District Phone: 021-62901616

Xin Wang - Huangpu Branch Address: No. 309 Hankou Rd., Huangpu District Phone: 021-63605008

5 Di Shui Dong

This delightful restaurant has something of a celebrity in Shanghai. Push the gate of Shui Di Dong gently; you'll have a feeling of primitive simplicity, as if you walk into a cave. The highlight here is Hunan Cuisine. The worth trying dishes are ziran paigu (cumin ribs), gan guo ji (chicken in chili pot), suan doujiao roumo (mashed pork with sour beans), duojiao yutou (fish head steamed with red chili), and xiangwei hongshu bo (fragrant sweet potato in monk's pot).

Cuisine: Hunan Hours: 10:00-01:00 Location: French Concession Address: No. 56, South Maoming Rd., North of Changle Rd., Luwan District Phone: 021-62532689 Transportation: Metro: South Shanxi Rd.

6 Fook Lam Moon

Fool Lam Moon is noted for its seafood dishes in Shanghai. Situated on the second level of River Wing, patrons can appreciate the breathtaking view of the Bund while taste the best of Cantonese flavor, including exquisitely prepare hot and sour cucumber skin, chilled river shrimp, roasted sucking pig and crispy chicken.

 Top10 Chinese food restaurants in Shanghai

Cuisine: Cantonese, Dim Sum Hours: 11:30-14:30; 17:00-22:00 Address: 2/F, Pudong Shangri-La Hotel, No. 33, Fucheng Rd., Pudong District Phone: 021-68828888 ext. 6490 Reservations: Required Transportation: Metro: Lujiazui Credit Cards: AMEX, Dinners Club, Master, Visa

7 Dolar Shop

Dolar Shop is one of the most popular hot pot eatery in Shanghai. It is mostly different from the traditional such store, with obscuration lamplight, red screen window, crystal shade, decorated fashion and elegance. At this lively restaurant, each patron gets his own mini steamboat, with a choice to concoct the dip. The reservation is highly recommended.

Top10 Chinese food restaurants in Shanghai 

Dolar Shop Cuisine: Hot Pot Address: 3/F, 363 Tianyaoqiao Rd., near East Nandan Rd., Xuhui District Phone: 021-64263457

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