Happy campers

Updated: 2014-06-25 07:31

By Liu Zhihua (China Daily)

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Happy campers

A group of Chinese students have lunch in Britain during a summer camp. Many Chinese parents are enthusiastic about enrolling their children in such programs, which usually cost several thousand dollars. Provided to China Daily

Happy campers
Overseas study attractive at earlier age 
Wu is an active member of an alumni association of several top MBA schools in China, and several years ago she set up an operations team for the association. The team has now launched overseas summer camp programs for the association members' children, and quickly booked all openings.

For Fuzhou resident Wang Hongwei in Fujian province, summer camp means more than cultural experiences.

Her daughter, Wenwen, 17, went to a summer camp in London last July.

The camp had about 20 Chinese students, all between ages 14 and 18. Together with children from other countries, they lived with different host families.

Apart from learning English and practicing together on weekdays, they visited famous universities, museums, churches and other place of interest during weekends.

Wang says that Wenwen has become very independent since returning from the trip.

Considering that Wenwen was their little baby girl, Wang and her husband used to take care of everything for her.

But the trip took Wenwen into a completely strange environment, where she knew no one, and she had to take buses to school, do the laundry by herself, and maintain good relations with fellow travelers, Wang says.

"She told me she is surprised by the perfect preservation of ancient buildings in London, while I was surprised by her change," Wang says.

"The trip enlightened her, and she has become mature. She now cares about what she will do with her future."

For the 15-day camp, Wang paid about 30,000 yuan, and she thinks it was worth the price.

Zhang Ying has a similar view: Money is not a concern, she says, as long as the summer camp is educational.

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