Third time lucky

Updated: 2014-06-26 11:00

By Zhou Wenting (Shanghai Star)

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Third time lucky

King and queen.Photo provided to Shanghai Star

Third time lucky

We wed on wechat 

Third time lucky

Marry me as soon as we graduate 
Days after that, he asked her out for afternoon tea. Right after taking their seats, he earnestly revealed all about himself: when he was born, what he does, on which day of each month he gets his income, how much he earns, his family background and his plans for his career and life.

"He poured out all about himself, with no pause. There was a strong feeling in my heart that this optimistic, considerate and determined man was going to be my Mr Right," Yi says. They started a relationship in early 2011.

Their dating mainly consisted of her keeping him company in the office every evening for a whole year, as he worked overtime.

"I brought a little surprise for him every day: chicken soup that I cooked, an energy pack including his favorite chocolate and a Snickers bar with a handwritten note to cheer him up, or an origami rose that I folded myself," Yi says.

Zhao, who has high standards of cleanliness, and Yi, who is quite the contrary, tied the knot, in 2012.

She has learnt to clean the stove while cooking to keep the kitchen neat and he puts her clothes back in the wardrobe silently after she throws them all over the place.

"We're both practicing to be a good spouse. I've changed my habit of squeezing the toothpaste. I now squeeze it from the bottom instead of from the middle." she says.