Chinese New Year to light up New York City

Updated: 2015-01-29 16:10

By Lin Qi(

Chinese New Year to light up New York City

A design sketch of the art exhibition at the Lincoln Center in New York City.

At the David Rubenstein Atrium, Xu Bing, recipient of the 2014 State Department Medal of Arts in the US, will exhibit a hand-painted animation explaining the connections between Chinese characters and the temperament of people who write them. Chen Wenling will discuss the symbolism of the era in "The Scene in the Future" while Lu Shengzhong, a CAFA professor of experimental art, will show both his "Little Red People" series and "Creativity Market" which is both a real market selling handicrafts from across China and a contemporary art piece.

"Chinese people worship nature. The Chinese culture bases its roots in the philosophy of nature," says Zhan Wang, whose "Fake Mountain Stone" series redefines classic Chinese gardens. "I've tried to materialize people's appreciation of stones from nature, and to repeat the culture with the assistance of stainless steel.

"Spring Festival is how an agricultural country celebrates the New Year and its people's reliance on the land. It will be really intriguing to display my works during such a special time of the year," he said.