Chinese New Year to light up New York City

Updated: 2015-01-29 16:10

By Lin Qi(

Chinese New Year to light up New York City

A design sketch of the firework show near the Hudson River in New York City.

A light show will illuminate the Empire State Building on Feb 17 and 18 with the 3-minute show including five themes to spice up the city's skyline.

A firework display will be staged over the Hudson River on Feb 17 and people can watch the 20-minute show while listening to a symphony composed by Chinese musician Guan Xia, which will be aired by New York City radio station WABC.

"The program doesn't forcibly implant Chinese cultural icons, but invites people from different ethnicities to feel and participate," said Yu Ding, a CAFA professor and chief curator of the "Fantastic Art China" program.

"In the future we hope to involve artists from different countries in the program, to make the Chinese New Year a festival truly celebrated by people from around the world".