British rock band Muse bring 'Drones' tour to China

Updated: 2015-09-22 14:20


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The "Drones" tour may not be their biggest one in terms of scale and production value, but it's definitely thrilling to see a powerful trio pushing each other to realize their song's magnificence with their musicality, rather than putting on a theatrical showcase on stage.

"It's both looking internally, your own life & your own experiences, and how you relate to the rest of the world and the people around you. Obviously those things can make you think about things outside your life. So there's some context putting yourself in the current world. And I think that the album ended up having this sort of dual narratives going on at the same time. The songs can be interpreted as being either political, or either self-expressive, about personal lives. I deliberately write the songs to be mixed message in that way. They can be interpreted in two ways," singer Matt Bellamy said.

This is not the first time that Muse have tackled weighty social or political issues; their previous albums have dealt with Global Warming and Economic Downturn.

"You can not be too confident about the impact or anything like that... But I guess music, obviously, is bringing people together to experience something, which is - you know they're physically in the same space together so they feel each other. That's something a little different I guess, to help people live their lives, mainly. And also listening to music it's a method of hearing and feeling somebody else's feelings in a slightly deeper way maybe than it's possible for some other ways. For me anyway, I like that. Music has always been a very powerful method to understand the feeling of somebody else's, both the feelings of somebody from a different time as well. So I guess in that way music is slightly unique form of communication compared to modern technology methods of communicating," Bellamy said.

Yet the band try not to take themselves too seriously and are not afraid to explore the realms of absurdity and ecstasy.

After touring in Beijing and Shanghai, Muse will continue their Asian leg in Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong and Seoul.

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