Top 10 travel spots around Hainan

Updated: 2016-01-05 10:43


Top 10 travel spots around Hainan

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Scenic spots:

Situated at northern Hainan, Haikou is the capital and most populous city in this province. Famous for its Dongzhai Port Natural Reserve, China's first national mangrove wetland reserve where 19 types of mangroves could be seen, it is also close to the Haikou Volcanic Cluster Global Geopark located 15 km west of the city. Visitors could also take a look at the South China’s seaside city architectures at the Haikou Arcaded streets at the city center.

Local food:

Chingboleung is a sweet coconut soup commonly served with Hainanese cuisine. Often served cold with ice, the soup contains job's tears, dried logans, lotus seeds, raisin, red beans, sweet corn and dioscorea alata. It is delicious as well as nutritious.