Purr-fect for the Internet era: 10 celebrity animals on the web

Updated: 2016-06-29 13:40


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There are many Internet celebrities in this day and age, from amateur chefs giving cooking lessons to fashion bloggers showing off the latest trends in their wardrobe.

Our furry friends from the animal kingdom dare not to be left behind.

Here, we compiled a list of ten celebrity animals on the Internet, each with a significant number of fans.

1. Larry the Downing Street Cat

Purr-fect for the Internet era: 10 celebrity animals on the web

Larry the Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office. [Photo/Weibo]

Larry the cat is the Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. No, we did not make that title up. It's an official title given to cats employed as mousers (and also as lovable family pets) by the Prime Minister of the UK at 10 Downing Street, since the reign of Henry VIII.

The incumbent mouser, Larry, who has assumed office since 2011, has not been so professional in catching mice thanks to his lazy nature. Also thanks to his laziness, he has gathered world-wide attention, with photo journalists snapping pictures of Larry ignoring his duties and napping in front of his residence once every often.

Many of Larry's fans are worried about where he will go now after the referendum.

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