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Stop misusing the Bible

Updated: 2011-04-20 07:55

(China Daily)

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Comment on "Optional Bible learning dropped amid controversy" (China Daily, April 14)

I have nothing against the Bible, but I am against foreigners who hold free English classes at home and use the Bible as a textbook on the pretext of not having any other teaching material at hand. Chinese students who follow their lessons are not fooled, but some think it is better than nothing, while others agree to learn about religion.

Teaching the Bible in a middle school "literature class" is going too far. The principal of a Chongqing school said the intention was "to diversify students' knowledge ( ) by comparing Western and Eastern literature".

In Western Christian countries, reading the Bible had been forbidden for lay believers for centuries, because the sacred scripture was too difficult for them to understand, and specialists were needed to interpret the real meaning. The reason: the Bible is part of "Eastern" literature. Its symbols, images, metaphors, stories and thoughts are different from the Western way of thinking and writing.

Teaching the Bible as a special branch of literature is acceptable at the master's or doctoral level. If introduced otherwise, it is nothing but an attempt to cover the teaching of religion.

Lisa Carducci, via e-mail

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