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Think a second time before criticism

Updated: 2011-06-03 10:56


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Comment on “Chinese hospitals scare Indians” ( China Daily website on May 31)

I think the author had gone overboard writing in this manner. China also has 5 star hospitals. Of course it also has lower tier hospitals. Which country does not?

What is important is when we are sick we can find available outlets to treat us whether it is Chinese traditional medicine or Western type. If our medical facilities are that bad as described, then I do not think we can become the most populous nation on Earth. India won't be a close second if we have a family planning policy.

Perhaps the author needs to take stock of herself and of her own country before criticizing. She was probably emulating the Western critiques but as an Asian she should be sensitive to her style of writing as it may result in Sino-Indo commenter’s bashing each other. I believe we can accept constructive criticism. I do not see how the Chinese should have Indian style of medical management just to cater for people like the author. They say: In Rome do as the Romans do. So as far as applicable, while in China do as the Chinese do. And we treat foreigners better most of the time. If not, it is still okay as we treat them as equal to us, not worse.

If I am in India, I hope to be treated in the same way too.

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