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Emerging economies bring change

Updated: 2011-06-08 00:35


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Comment on “Asia’s new growth model” (China Daily website on June 4)

In fact, this new trend of growth will just speed up the consumption of the remaining resources on earth.

Capitalism is about to come to the end because it is a system which is built on aggressive use of resources to fulfill the unlimited desire of human kind. It is a parasite living on human desires.

A new mechanism is required as the aggressive use of resources in exchange for profit is growing more difficult when the conservation of resources becomes a key priority in the coming future.

In the face of running out of resources and losing a grip on the economy makes Western powers feel uneasy. It is also very hard for the Western powers to swallow as they always regard they are more superior but now, they need to live on the cheap supplies of the emerging economies as their economies continuously run low.

Unless the West accepts the change has come and they need to accommodate it, global harmony and global security is just a castle in the air. They are making their final fight for survival!

Manman on China Daily website

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