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Updated: 2011-07-18 08:04

(China Daily)

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"Run away from Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou" has become a slogan for some of China's younger generation, who feel they are under "unbearable" economic pressure to survive in these urban powerhouses, are choosing to return to their less-developed home cities. But some of those who left the metropolis are now returning, either because they are unable to readjust to life at home or because they want to have another go to realize their dreams of a better life. China Daily mobile news readers share their views with us.

Whether to run away or not from Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhou, is a question of life values. Those who yearn for big cities hope to improve their lives, while those who choose smaller cities want to pursue a life with less risk. There are worries and sadness in both big and small cities. It is wise for everyone to choose a life path that will enable him to live a wonderful and happy life according to one's practical situation.

Mengzhitiantang, Changchun, Jilin province

I left Beijing four years ago when I graduated from university and moved to a small city in an attempt to escape the heavy pressure of life in Beijing. But in smaller cities personal relationships are more complicated and job opportunities are fewer. Left with no alternative I came back to Beijing six months ago and found a job again. Though life is tiring in a big city, it provides more living space and hope.

Baoziyaowei, Beijing

After graduating from a Shanghai university in 2006, I went back to my home in Nanning, capital of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, as my family insisted. I am starting to enjoy my life here as the local economy develops. It takes only 15 minutes to walk from my apartment to where I work, something unimaginable in Shanghai. Every year I travel to a first-tier city to maintain my outlook on life. I am grateful that I listened to my family's suggestions and I live happily. Though I started from scratch, I enjoy my life and work now.

Chuqing, Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region

People of my generation rushed to big cities like Beijing and Shanghai in order to realize our dreams, but even after years of effort, many of us are still struggling to survive and our dreams are as elusive as ever. In the face of constant price rises, there is nothing to do but sigh.

It would be easier to live in a smaller city or return to our hometowns, as besides satisfying our daily needs, we could also afford some spiritual fulfillment. This kind of life will never impose pressure on us. The key to the deciding where is right for you is to figure out what kind of life you want to live.

Cherry, Tai'an, Shandong province

Since the very moment I decided to come to Shanghai after graduation, I have borne in mind my dream of becoming a new Shanghainese and told myself once and again to make every effort to stay in the city.

Five years have passed, I am now married and live in a narrow house. Though some of my classmates in my hometown have cars and big houses, I do not envy them or regret my decision, because I live with hope every day. To be more frank, since my husband and I are both from rural areas, we are very proud that our child will be a genuine Shanghainese in the future and have access to the city's services.

A reader from Shanghai

(China Daily 07/18/2011 page9)


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