China-US Governors Forum

The first China-US Governors Forum is held  July 15 in the Salt Lake City, the United States. Governors of four Chinese provinces and more than 30 US states will explore new opportunities in trade, culture and education exchanges.

China-US Governors Forum
Utah Governor Gary Herbert poses with, from left, CPAFFC Vice President Li Xiaolin, Anhui Governor Wang Sanyun, Zhejiang Party secretary Zhao Hongzhu, Yunnan Governor Qin Guangrong, and Qinghai Governor Luo Huining. [Chen Bei/China Daily]

China-US Governors Forum
Peter D. Gibbons (third left), Starbucks executive vice president for global supply chain operations, and Liu Minghui, chairman of the board of Aini Group in Yunnan province, sign an agreement to create a coffee business partnership. [Chen Bei/China Daily]


Plights slow investments into China
Growth of foreign direct investment (FDI) in China slowed in June due largely to decreased investment from the United States and waning growth from the European Union.

China urges US on trade
On Thursday, at least 20 deals were inked between local governments of China and the US.

Forum highlights green effort
Regional cooperation in environmental protection, energy efficiency and clean energy were the main topics of discussion of the day among the heads of local governments from China and the United States.

Deals inked to jumpstart forum
At least 20 agreements were inked between local governments of China and the United States at a grand signing ceremony Thursday at Little America Hotel.

Regional co-op highlighted at Utah forum
Chinese governors participating in the first China-US Governors Forum called for regional cooperation in environment protection...
farmers basking in growth of Chinese ties
China is the world's largest customer for US soybeans, importing 825 million bushels in 2009 and 2010.

Governors' forum set to deepen ties
A formal agreement on the forum was signed by the two countries in February.


Leaders push to link schools
Zhejiang provincial Party Secretary Zhao Hongzhu was pleasantly surprised Wednesday evening at the welcoming banquet hosted by Utah Governor Gary Herbert.

Sub-national forum a hit with provinces
Government officials and businessmen in Zhejiang province have pledged to make the most of the China-US Governors Forum.

Parallels with Utah give Qinghai hope
Qinghai Governor Luo Huining sees many similarities between Qinghai and the southwestern US state.

Anhui banks on governors' meeting
Anhui will press ahead with its economic ties with the United States, said Wang Sanyun, governor of the eastern Chinese province.

Yunnan's plan a gateway to more visitors to southwest
Yunnan province sees new opportunities for development as the provincial Gateway Project has been named part of the national strategy.

Opportunity knocks for states and cities
The China-US Governors Forum would open more job creation opportunities for both countries.

Tianwei powering growth in Idaho
Investment by a Chinese firm in Utah is a win-win situation for Idaho and China.


St. Louis set to be major air trade hub
The first China-St. Louis cargo air route poised to be a key trade hub in the US' Midwest will take flight in September

Provincial governors sign deals in US
All four Chinese provincial leaders witnessed the signing of 20 agreements on trade, education, environmental protection, culture and people-to-people exchanges.

Utah partners with Qinghai 
Gvernor of China's Qinghai province, and governor of Utah, signed an agreement to cement the two regions' relationship.


Forum is a larger step toward openness
The China-US Governors Forum is a welcome addition to a host of designated talks between the two nations and it is expected to fulfill several positive functions.

Governors' meeting sign of enhancedties
The China-US Governors Forum is a fortuitous bridge to develop the Sino-US partnership.

Tapping more local potential
Cooperation and exchanges between China's provinces and US states and cities lay foundation for progress of relations.

Governors say

China-US Governors Forum
China-US Governors Forum
China-US Governors Forum

China-US Governors Forum

The forum builds a direct and effective communication platform between governors in the United States and provincial officials in China.”

  --- Zhao Hongzhu, Party secretary of Zhejiang Province

The United States has great advantages in clean energy industries and Anhuis development needs cooperation with the country.”

  --- Wang Sanyun, governor of Anhui Province

The similar development pattern and the common interest between Qinghai and Utah create favorable opportunities and room for growth.”

  --- Luo Huining, governor of Qinghai Province

Yunnan will internationalize its tourism and build popular tourist destinations for Southeast Asia and the rest of the world.”

  --- Qin Guangrong, governor of Yunnan Province

China-US Governors Forum
Utah Governor Gary Herbert (left) shakes hand with Qinghai Governor Luo Huining after they signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City on Wednesday. [Tom Smart/Desert News]

China-US Governors Forum 
Officials and journalists pack the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City on Wednesday for a ceremony that marks the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Utah and Qinghai Province. [Tom Smart/Desert News]