Chinese consumers deserve better from Apple

Updated: 2013-03-27 22:18


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Reports in recent days seem to reveal a dark side of the long exemplary Apple company: it has not only ignored its Chinese customers, extended different treatment in after-sales service, but is also suspected of tax evasion. Any brand, no matter how famous, would fall from its zenith if it constantly challenges consumers' patience and continues unethical commercial activities, says an article in People's Daily. Excerpts:

Chinese consumers deserve better treatment from Apple since the Chinese market has to some extent made up a large proportion of its proud market performance. The reasons why Apple has behaved so arrogantly are not only Westerners' long-held superiority, but also the fact that the profit-driven Apple would face no risk and even reduce cost even if it offends Chinese customers.

Chinese consumers always feel powerless when they are treated differently from their foreign counterparts by well-known Western brands. It seems that the principles of honesty and friendliness toward consumers and huge compensation to customers whose interests were hurt do not work in China.

Therefore, only by strengthening supervision and making both domestic and foreign companies aware that they will pay dearly to ignore their customers can the latter's due rights and interests be protected. And the supervision requires not only relevant laws and regulations, but also an effective market supervision mechanism.

Fundamentally speaking, the principle of honesty is the foundation of the market economy as well as the bottom line for a company's survival and development.