Yogging a hit at Nanjing Youth Olympics

Updated: 2014-08-18 10:52


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NANJING - The Nanjing Youth Olympic Games (YOG) just got underway Saturday, but Yogging has already provided the young athletes a chance to be a part of memories that they hope to cherish throughout their life.

A hand-shaped USB device is being distributed to all athletes, allowing them to instantly share personal details via social media when shaken with fellow Yoggers. Once accounts are activated online, participants can upload information and sync their social media. After that, it is a case of flashing your Yogger at anyone you like the look of.

"Are you Yogging? Want to Yog now?" asked Taraivini Bennion, a player of Fiji women's hockey team.

Fresh from an overnight flight, Ennion and her teammates were scouring the village for people to connect with.

Eugenia Trinchinetti, an Argentinean athlete, said: "The touching moment feels like getting energy, I touched my yogger with strange friends 50 times at the welcome party, we danced and took selfie. Such a wonderful experience!"