Rio 2016 unveils uniforms made in China

Updated: 2016-05-16 03:48

By JI YE in Rio de Janeiro(China Daily Latin America)

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Rio 2016 unveils uniforms made in China

Staff and volunteers at this year's Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro will be decked out in bright green, blue, yellow and red uniforms made by a Chinese company. JI YE / FOR CHINA DAILY

Green, yellow, blue and red. The four colours will identify different functions among the Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games staff and volunteers.

On April 12, the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee unveiled the uniforms that staff and volunteers will be wearing at the first Olympic and Paralympic Games in South America, set to start in less than three months.

Chinese sportswear company 361o has become an official supporter of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and will provide official uniforms for a workforce of 87,000 at the Games.

361o is the first Chinese sports brand to provide Olympic and Paralympic workforce uniforms, replacing Adidas from Germany. To become the sponsor and supporter of the Rio 2016 Games, the company's production standards were evaluated by the Rio 2016. Financial details of the agreement were not disclosed.

Dancers from the Companhia Urbana de Danca wore the uniforms and put on a dance show consisting of break dance, samba, contemporary, jazz and hip hop at the launch ceremony. The ceremony was held at the Games Uniform and Accreditation Centre, a warehouse complex in Samba that is used by the city's carnival samba schools.

Each uniform's predominant colour will indicate the function of its user: red is for medical services, blue for the technical officials (who will also receive a formal uniform), yellow for the operational team and green for those who will interact directly with the public.

"I love them; they are spectacular," Rio 2016 President Carlos Nuzman told reporters at the ceremony.

"I had already seen each one. But together they give a highly positive impression. The Brazilian colours help a lot. They will make a big impression during the Games."

Rio 2016 Brand Director Beth Lula said the uniforms' design reflected the character of the host nation and its people. "They were inspired by our nature, by the energy of the Brazilian people and by the visual identity of Rio 2016," she said. "They were created to show the essence of Team Rio 2016, who are putting in their all to make the Olympic and Paralympic Games memorable."

Games Services Manager Todd Severson said the choice of colours would distinguish the staff and align them with their areas of activity. "Blue, for example, fits perfectly for the judges, as the competition areas are also blue," he said.

"Similarly, green was chosen because the signage in the arenas will be the same colour. So, what we are saying to the spectators is ‘follow the green,'" he said.

The uniform is composed of a shirt, trousers, (which can transform into shorts), a jacket, bag (which can be used as a wallet or waist pouch), socks, trainers and a raincoat.

More than 2 million items were produced, and it takes 45 days for the goods' 58 containers to travel from China to Brazil.

361o CEO Ding Wuhao said the sponsorship of the Games is a "milestone" for 361o, founded in 2003. "The choice and recognition of Rio Organizing Committee help us to further increase the requirement of our brand. 361°is committed to promoting the development of sports worldwide. We hope to take this opportunity to let sports fans from around the world understand China's sports products and brands."

The first sketches of the uniforms were drawn up in January 2014, and production began in December of last year.

The Rio 2016 Games will take place during the Southern Hemisphere winter, but the temperatures can still be warm. The fabric, which will wick sweat away and protect from the wind, means the clothes adapt to the cold just as much as the heat. The trousers can transform into shorts with just a quick pull of the zipper.

The Olympics will be held from Aug 5-21 and the Paralympics from Sept 7-18.