US officials applaud China for nuclear cooperation

Updated: 2016-03-29 10:52

By Chen Weihua in Washington(China Daily USA)

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US officials spoke positively on Monday of the growing US-China cooperation in nuclear security ahead of the fourth Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) to be held in Washington later this week.

More than 50 heads of state and government, including President Xi Jinping, will attend the summit, aimed at better securing nuclear materials around the world from terrorists. Xi will be the only foreign leader to hold a bilateral talk with Obama.

Thomas Countryman, assistant secretary of state for international security and nonproliferation, said China and the United States understand and cooperate with each other when it comes to nuclear nonproliferation, as they do on every important global issue.

He cited as successful examples the joint comprehensive agreement with Iran and the collaboration on the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2270 over the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's nuclear test and ballistic missile launch.

"And we work together also because we recognize that when Iran or North Korea wants to go shopping for nuclear or ballistic missile materials, they frequently seek that equipment and technology in the Chinese economy," Countryman told an online briefing on the upcoming summit.

"So we cooperate, and we are becoming closer in our cooperation in preventing the spread of the technology that enables a regime like North Korea to threaten its neighbors. That's how important the relationship with China is," he said.

"This agreement follows our strategic industrial growth model: to deploy SES' clean energy technology through project participation in energy markets that are large and growing. This enhances the company's value proposition and enhances and propels our technology and equipment sales."

CESI Chairman Wang Wei also is excited to partner with SES: "The SES Gasification Technology has shown unmatched, superior performance for economic, clean energy and all target projects are encouraged by the Chinese government.

"Due in large part to the early success of SES' Aluminum Corporation of China industrial fuel projects, we are most eager to bring this advanced clean energy technology to benefit industrial customers and Chinese citizens alike in Inner Mongolia, and Shandong and Hebei provinces, and intend to replicate this cleaner energy model throughout China."

Final investment decision criteria established by the parties is anchored on projected rates of return of 20 percent or greater; reliable fuel supply, and reliable product off-take contracts or customers. The financing structure for the target projects is expected to be up to 30 percent equity, 70 percent debt.

"Our aim is to bring clean energy technology to global markets where natural gas is expensive and where cleaner energy is needed to meet growing demand. We look forward to bringing Growth With Blue Skies to points far and wide across China and along its Silk Road and, indeed, to developing regions throughout the world," said Robert Rigdon, SES vice- chairman.