Chinese culture serves convenience for burglars in Chicago

Updated: 2013-10-30 16:46


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Chicago's police advise local Chinese residents, who have become the main victims of recent burglary cases in the city, to avoid placing identifiable Chinese style decorations on the doorway, the Chinese language newspaper World Journal reported.

"Recently burglary cases in our beat are on the rise and normally the victims' houses are robbed while they are away," the report quoted Chris Miller, a police officer of the 9th District Chicago Police Department, as saying. This district of the CPD is in charge of the main Chinese district in the city.

About 90 percent of such cases recently targeted Chinese families, who prefer to keep large amounts of money and valuables at home, the police said last week.

Investigations showed that many thieves use door decorations to identify whether the household is Chinese or not. Besides New Year scrolls, shoes and geomantic decorations, the culture and habits of local Chinese residents have become helpful signs for the thieves.

Another CPD officer, Ricardo Gurrola, suggested that if the entire family plans an outing such as attending weddings or funerals, they can apply to the Chicago Police Department for "special attention," the report said.

Also, mutual help between neighbors is the best measure to avoid a burglary, so the police call on neighbors to help and cooperate with each other.