Hawaii lava crosses residential property

2014-10-30 10:13:43

Lava spouts from a hot spot as the lava flow from Mt. Kilauea inches closer to the village of Pahoa, Hawaii, Oct 29, 2014.

Obama praises Ebola fighters as 'heroes'

2014-10-30 09:25:34

US President Barack Obama on Wednesday paid honor to healthcare workers who have treated Ebola patients in West Africa, calling them "heroes" deserving to be applauded rather than discouraged.

Tycoons' gift to Yale stirs debate

2014-10-30 09:16:19

Chinese real estate tycoon Pan Shiyi and his wife made another donation to a university in the US, sparking a debate over their intentions behind.

China to open bank-card clearing market

2014-10-30 08:57:56

China will open up the country's bank-card clearing market as part of a greater liberalization of the financial sector, a move analysts said could allow other domestic and foreign firms to get in the game.

Probe started over US rocket explosion

2014-10-30 07:06:38

Authorities started investigating what caused an unmanned US supply rocket to explode in a fireball moments after liftoff from a Virginia launch pad.

Chinese community still angry after double-murder conviction

2014-10-30 06:39:47

The conviction of a man in the first-degree murders of a young Chinese couple is not enough to ease the pain of the victims' friends and families.

Language a barrier to healthcare

2014-10-29 15:10:28

The Asian-American community still faces formidable challenges when it comes to accessing healthcare in the US, despite the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, which was designed to provide broader access to health insurance for all Americans, said experts.

Open dialogue

2014-10-29 15:06:03

Four guests of the Asia Society take part in a panel discussion on Tuesday in New York about the "Occupy Central" campaign in Hong Kong.

China biz needs to work on innovation

2014-10-29 15:01:06

China needs to develop a "comprehensive innovation ecosystem", said a venture capitalist speaking at a gathering of Chinese business executives and VCs in San Francisco on Tuesday.

Chinese-American runs for Maryland state Senate

2014-10-29 14:58:22

Chinese-Americans are going mainstream in the US political process, said a Maryland state Senate candidate.

Two Chinese universities earn top-100 listing in global rankings

2014-10-29 14:45:32

In the first ranking of global universities by US News & World Report, Harvard University topped the list while Peking and Tsinghua universities were ranked one and two respectively among the schools from China. In the global standings, Peking was 39th and Tsinghua placed 67th.

US rocket explodes seconds after launch

2014-10-29 09:36:47

An unmanned rocket operated by private US firm Orbital Sciences Corp. exploded Tuesday seconds after its launch, NASA TV showed.

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