Obama hopeful as meeting nears with lawmakers

2013-10-15 02:28:06

Obama said lawmakers appear to have made progress on a deal to reopen the government and avert a looming default on Monday.Senate leader 'confident' fiscal crisis can be averted US fiscal negotiations sputter as deadline nears

Senate leader 'confident' fiscal crisis can be averted

2013-10-14 02:48:01

Senate Majority Harry Reid said Sunday that he was engaged in negotiations with Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and was "confident" they could resolve the fiscal crisis confronting Washington.

Senate leads hunt for shutdown and debt limit deal

2013-10-14 00:11:27

Senators put faith in party leaders to devise a plan that would reopen the government and steer clear of a potential, saying it's unthinkable that political obstinacy would prevent the US from paying its bills.
US fiscal negotiations sputter as deadline nears
Deal to resolve fiscal crisis stalls in Congress

Dispute on immunity for US troops blocks pact

2013-10-13 09:08:05

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Afghan President Hamid Karzai ended two days of talks on a bilateral security pact on Saturday without a deal because they could not agree on the issue of legal immunity for U.S. troops

Truck crash kills 52 in Peru

2013-10-13 08:28:46

A truck plunged off a cliff in southeastern Peru on Friday night, killing all the 52 people aboard, the National Police said Saturday.

US fiscal negotiations sputter as deadline nears

2013-10-13 08:26:27

Congressional negotiations to end a U.S. fiscal crisis gripping Washington and spooking financial markets hung by a thread on Saturday after bipartisan talks broke down.

Deal to resolve fiscal crisis stalls

2013-10-13 02:19:48

Hopes for an immediate resolution of fiscal crisis faded as House of Representatives Republicans accused Obama of shutting down negotiations.

Migbelis Castellanos crowned Miss Venezuela 2013

2013-10-12 16:09:34

Miss Venezuela 2013 Migbelis Castellanos poses during a news conference in Caracas October 11, 2013.

Superheros cheer up sick children

2013-10-12 15:26:54

Men dressed as Superman (L) and Captain America smile at patient Caue Rodrigues Silvano, 7, who looks on inside Hospital Infantil Sabara in Sao Paulo October 11, 2013.

G20 urges US to act quickly to avoid default

2013-10-12 14:48:22

Finance officials from the world's biggest economies on Friday pressed the United States to head off a potentially devastating default and vowed to proceed carefully when the time comes to normalize monetary policy.

Statue of Liberty to reopen

2013-10-12 14:46:35

New York State has reached an agreement with the federal government to reopen the Statue of Liberty which is closed as a result of the partial federal government shutdown.

Costume bonanza at New York Comic-Con

2013-10-12 14:16:16

New York Comic-Con event draws thousands of costumed fans, panels of pop culture luminaries and features a sprawling floor of vendors.