'Trayvon Martin could have been me': Obama

2013-07-20 05:19:32

US President Barack Obama on Friday made a series of proposals to prevent tragedies such as the Trayvon Martin case in the future, as he addressed the issue of race in the wake of the trial of George Zimmerman, who fatally shot Martin.

Vehicle kills one Asiana air crash victim: coroner

2013-07-20 03:48:49

A coroner in San Mateo County, the US state of California said on Friday that a teenager victim of Asiana Flight 214, which crashed on landing at the San Francisco airport on July 6, died of multiple injuries consistent with being run over by a motor vehicle.

Asiana legal fallout begins after deadly crash

2013-07-20 00:26:35

A Chinese-American lawyer will set up a legal team to help the Chinese passengers who were involved in the Asiana plane crash with compensation claims.
Vehicle kills one Asiana air crash victim: coroner

School shooting simulation in Orlando

2013-07-19 20:22:30

A school resource officer makes his way down a hallway flooded with other officers role-playing as students and gunmen as they take part in an "active shooter" training exercise at Freedom Middle School, during the annual National Association of School Resource Officers conference in Orlando, Florida July 18, 2013.

Detroit faces uncertain future in bankruptcy

2013-07-19 16:14:02

Some Detroit residents voiced skepticism on Thursday that the former US manufacturing powerhouse would emerge in better shape from its historic bankruptcy filing designed to fix the city's financial crisis.
Detroit's new start: A chance to cleanse debt

Biggest US dog show opens in Houston

2013-07-19 14:43:22

A total of 160 canine breeds and 3,500 "professional" dog athletes joined an annual contest in the US city of Houston Wednesday.

Firefighters hold line against California wildfire

2013-07-19 13:55:38

Firefighters on Thursday held back the blaze in the mountains of Southern California that forced the evacuation of the resort community of Idyllwild after flames engulfed seven homes and numerous other buildings.

Apple, Google urge surveillance disclosure

2013-07-19 13:52:24

Dozens of companies, non-profits and trade organizations including Apple Inc, Google Inc and Facebook Inc sent a letter on Thursday pushing the Obama administration and Congress for more disclosures on user data gathering.

US ready to talk if DPRK 'genuine'

2013-07-19 11:11:58

The United States is ready to engage in dialogue with North Korea, but only if Pyongyang is prepared for "genuine" negotiations and commits to giving up its nuclear ambitions.

Obama weighs canceling Moscow talks with Putin

2013-07-19 07:45:41

The White House is considering canceling a fall summit between President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

Pentagon to field 4,000 cyber soldiers

2013-07-19 07:40:42

US Defense Department is close to launching a roughly 4,000-person cyber squad devoted to conducting cyber offense and defense operations.

NSA implements new security measures

2013-07-19 07:23:39

NSA is implementing new security measures after disclosures made by former contractor Edward Snowden put the agency under the spotlight.