New York braces for Santa Con pub crawl

2013-12-15 13:51:07

Revelers dressed as Santa Claus walk on the street during SantaCon in New York December 14, 2013. Pub crawlers dressed like Santa Claus took part in New York's annual SantaCon. The revelers wore Santa suits or red minidresses with white trim and nearly all had Kris Kringle hats topped with a white pom-pom.

Venezuela suspends flight after bomb warning

2013-12-15 12:13:52

Venezuelan authorities took passengers off an Air France flight that was due to depart to Paris on Saturday after French officials warned of a possible bomb threat, Venezuela's interior minister said.

US paves way for in-flight cell phones

2013-12-14 07:59:06

US regulators on Thursday opened the door to allowing mobile phone use on airplanes - an issue that has stirred howls of protest over the potential for disruption in the skies.

Two students wounded in US school shooting

2013-12-14 07:51:43

The student seeking to confront one of his teachers opened fire at the Colorado high school on Friday, wounding at least two classmates before apparently taking his own life, law enforcement officials said.

Two wounded, suspect dead in US school shooting

2013-12-14 05:50:59

A sheriff says a suspect in a Colorado high school shooting has died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. US gun control

US House approves 2-year budget deal

2013-12-13 13:47:05

US House of Representatives on Thursday approved a two-year budget plan crafted by bipartisan negotiators, a further step toward removing the threat of a government shutdown early next year.

Thousands of guns sold illegally online

2013-12-13 11:08:37

Thousands of guns are being offered for sale by unlicensed firearms dealers on a single US website.

Thousands of guns sold illegally online in US

2013-12-13 11:06:58

Thousands of guns are being offered for sale illegally by unlicensed firearms dealers on a single US website, according to a report released on Thursday by a group of US mayors campaigning for gun control.

Feud over interrogations in US

2013-12-13 10:24:28

The Senate Intelligence Committee and Central Intelligence Agency still have major disagreements over a huge reportthat is highly critical of harsh counter-terrorism practices such as "waterboarding".

US House passes Pentagon budget

2013-12-13 09:59:18

US House of Representatives on Thursday passed a compromise Defense Authorization bill, approving over $600 billion for the Defense Department in 2014.

Pair held over call to rob Chinese shops

2013-12-13 00:11:22

Police in Argentina arrested two people on Wednesday who allegedly initiated an online campaign to loot Chinese-run shops in the run-up to Christmas.

China,US consider the other side a rival

2013-12-13 00:04:25

The United States and China are more likely to see each other as competitors than as partners or adversaries, a survey released on Thursday shows.